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There are so many facets to King David’s life that reveals the worst and best of what our relationship with God can be. I Samuel, chapter 27:1 states “Then David said to himself, “Now I will perish one day by the hand of Saul. There is nothing better for me than to escape into the land of the Philistines. Saul then will despair of searching for me anymore in all the territory of Israel, and I will escape from his hand.”

When David focused on God, he prospered, he thrived, even among his enemies. But when David took his eyes off God and focused on Saul, it drove him deeper into sin; David went to live with the Philistine, the very people that he had fought against for mocking God. We all do the same thing David did. We all tend to retreat into our sin when we focus on ourselves, or the people around us, instead of focusing on God. Why?  For me, I know that when my focus is on God, I am acutely aware of the grace and mercy that is extended to me on a daily basis because of my sin and God’s righteousness. This awareness makes it very easy for me to extend grace and mercy to the people around me, to be more loving to them because of the love shown to me from God. But when I am not focused on God, I am only aware of unattainable expectations (usually perceived, not real), false impressions or emotions (gossip, he said she said stuff), and anger.

Lord, help me to stay focused on you. I want You to be my filter for the rest of this world. I want to see my neighbors, my coworkers, my children, and my wife THROUGH You.

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  • Caleb Derosier says:

    This was a good message for me to read today. For the last 3 weeks I have been very annoyed, upset, and angry with my coworker. It has almost gotten to the point, he can’t do anything right, because everything is upsetting to me. I have been battling and praying for a solution that wouldn’t cause any offense. (I can be very offensive) nothing stood iut until today. My prayer will now be, for God to renew my mind and change my lens, or the way I perceive my coworker. The love of Christ will win instead of my sinful nature.

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