2021 Wholeheart Advance V – Colorado


Register for our 2021 Wholeheart Advance V in Colorado.
DATES: September 9-12, 2021
LOCATION: Golden Bell Retreat Center
CHECK-IN: Thursday, September 9, at 4:00 pm
GRADUATION: Sunday, September 12, at 12noon
COST: $295/person
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The Wholeheart Advance is a three-day spiritual boot camp in wholehearted living. It is an intensive training camp for men to engage their lives from a place of belovedness, being one who is worthy of love. It teaches men to say: “Even in my failures, I’m beloved. I can be vulnerable and afraid, but I’m also courageous and strong. I’m enough because Christ lives within me.” It is a courageous journey into our hearts with a group of men who are fellow wounded warriors, that could become your blood-stained allies.

Not every man is ready for the Wholeheart Advance. The wholehearted journey is about facing our shame head-on and not backing down to perfectionism, posturing, and posing. It is living out of our new heart, our good heart, and discovering the joy of truly being wholehearted. It is being equipped to see the value of worship, prayer, the Word of God, and relationship with other men. It’s not for everyone, but if you are thirsty for God and have the courage and passion to learn the way of wholehearted living and discover your whole heart, join us September 9-12 at Wholeheart Advance 2021.