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Wholehearted Men’s Breakfast

We’ve found that men need to meet with each other regularly.  It’s key to building wholehearted disciples of Jesus.  At The Road, we meet weekly at 6 am on Tuesdays.  The time and day doesn’t matter but the weekly interaction is vital.  We have over 400 men from over 125 churches coming and we believe it’s impacting our city and county for a Kingdom of God Revolution! If you are exploring the concepts of how to start and maintain a men’s breakfast, Dr. Holt is available to come to your church and consult on this powerful tool for empowering men.  We also feel it is valuable for you to come to Colorado Springs and personally experience what we’re doing.

Worshipper Warrior Intensive

The Worshipper Warrior Intensive is a powerful tool for men on Friday night and Saturday morning.  This is a scaled-back version of the Wholeheart Advance (four-day retreat) and an amazing way to introduce your men to the concepts of being a worshipper and warrior.

Wholeheart Advance

The Wholeheart Advance is our “Heart Bootcamp” for building men.  Held annually in the majestic mountains of Colorado, we take four days to transform the hearts of men through teaching, worship, small groups, hands on challenges, and intense prayer.  Look on the website for the next Advance. Only a limited number can attend, so sign up as soon as registration opens.

Wilderness Encounter

This is a four-day retreat in the wilderness of Colorado, and is only available for men who have attended the Wholeheart Advance.  It is deeper heart training in the rugged outdoors, living in tents with other men.  The weather in the mountains can be extreme, so we would not encourage just anyone to attend. But if you want to know God with all your heart, have attended Wholeheart Advance, and relish the challenge, join us. Like the Wholeheart Advance, numbers are limited so sign up as soon as registration opens.