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Last week, while doing my PBJ (Prayer, Bible, Journal) devotion, I was impressed with Deuteronomy 25:15-16. “Yes, always use honest weights and measures, so that you may enjoy a long life in the land the LORD your God is giving you. All who cheat with dishonest weights and measures are detestable to the LORD your God.” (NLT)

As I quieted my heart and listened, the Lord impressed the following on my mind. “As followers of God we live our lives representing His character in our interaction with people. To deal unjustly with anyone for any reason is to misrepresent Him! How can people know that God can be trusted if we as His people are not trustworthy in our dealing with them? To act unjustly, to be dishonest and deliberately cheat another person is not only sinful; it is a disgusting thing to the Lord!”

Wow that is strong! I felt a sense of the “fear of the Lord” as I reviewed the passage and the thoughts that came to me. It caused me to take a quick inventory of my life and I recognized that in times past I have not always been honest in my dealing with people.Deut 25.15-16

As always, I concluded my devotional time with a responsive prayer to the Lord. “Thank you, Father God, for your forgiveness! Help me to be a man of honesty in all things, to walk with integrity in all areas of my life. Help me to always represent You with truth and righteousness all my days. I desperately want people to see your character, to see Christ, when they see me!”

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