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The Wilderness encounter is exactly what the name implies, a WILDERNESS encounter.  Below is a list of (Highly) suggested gear for the weekend, but by no means an all comprehensive list. You will need to tailor this list for your specific needs (i.e. medicine, comfort, etc.)

  • backpack (to transport and stow your gear)
  • sleeping bag, blanket, sleeping pad, pillow
  • rain gear
  • change of clothes for the duration of the weekend (socks and unders are VERY important)
  • personal hygiene (soap, wash cloth, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, wet wipes!!)
  • cold/cool weather gear (jacket, hat, etc) whatever you need to be comfortable in cooler weather
  • Bible, journal, pen/pencil
  • reading lamp / head lamp / flashlight – WITH extra batteries
  • hiking boots (shoes appropriate for the terrain)*
  • sunscreen / sunglasses / hat (you can get sun burn even in cold weather)
  • bug repellent
  • water bottle / coffee mug
  • ear plugs (you WILL be sleeping in tents with other men… who snore.)
  • compass (if you do not have a compass, one will be provided for land navigation)
  • whistle (you should always travel with a buddy, but if you find yourself alone and lost, a whistle can be your best friend)
  • trail mix / snack (school rules apply: bring enough for your battle buddy)
  • camp chair

Mandatory Information