Andy Thompson


Andy is a Colorado native.  Developing a love for all things outdoors, Andy enjoyed hiking, skiing, camping, racing bicycles, running on the high school cross country team, and anything else that involved sweat and adventure.  Some of Andy’s fondest memories of his childhood involved scurrying around the local foothills with his father, brother, and friends, pretending to be soldiers in pitched battles.

After going to community college and working numerous jobs after high school (one of his favorites was being a bike mechanic in a bike shop), Andy enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  As a Marine, Andy served for five years as a crew-chief/door-gunner, flying on the Sea-Knight helicopter, and as a marksmanship instructor.  During his enlistment, Andy traveled to numerous countries in Asia and the Middle East, and came to realize there is no better place to live than home in Colorado!

Deciding he wanted to build a family with the love of his life, Erin, Andy decided to leave the Marines, and return home to Colorado with his new bride. Andy and Erin settled in Colorado Springs after Erin was accepted to Beth-El Nursing School, and Andy was hired by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  Their family grew by two after Erin graduated from nursing school.  “Daddy” is Andy’s favorite title.

Having worked for the Sheriff’s Office for over 13 years, Andy has served in various capacities including working in the Criminal Justice Center (Jail), as a Patrol Deputy, a member of the SWAT Team, a marksmanship instructor, a member of the Traffic and Motors Unit, and most recently as a detective. Some of Andy’s favorite diversions are elk hunting and camping in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, and passing on the skills he has learned during almost 20 years of training and experience in the military and police world.

Like most people, Andy has faced several difficult personal struggles and failures, but has learned the awesome power of God’s love and grace, and has a deep appreciation for the role of healthy masculinity as described and demonstrated in the Bible. It is for this reason that Andy is thrilled to participate in the Worshipper & Warrior ministry, working to grow healthy men who serve their families and glorify God.


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