Andrew Fitchett


Andrew has been working in the IT industry for the last 18 years. Three years ago, Andrew heeded the tugging on his heart to leave the rat race and follow God’s vision for him and his family. They¬†moved to Colorado Springs and he is now IT Director for Mountain Springs Church.

Andrew loves all things Jeep, hunting, camping, hiking, rock climbing, basically anything that gets him outside and in the mountains. He is an avid shooter and will tell you that “real” men carry M1911’s. He likes steak (medium rare), really good coffee (black), Scottish ales and stout micro brews, and anything Nickel Creek plays. He doesn’t like potty mouths, thumping stereos in vehicles, and rude people.

After all the computers have been unplugged, all the lights dimmed, all the ammo expended, and all the Jeeps have run out of gas, I want to be found worthy of God’s grace and mercy. How does that happen? Simple. By knowing and truly understanding that there is NOTHING I can do to become worthy of God’s grace and mercy. — A Fitchett

Andrew has a beautiful wife (cancer survivor), three amazing children, and a stubborn Australian shepherd. He has served in the US Army and graduated from Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in biology.


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